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PostSubject: O. STEVENS' GR. CH. VIRGIL ROM   Mon Nov 12, 2007 8:14 pm

Virgil was born in a litter of four and he was the last one to turn on. He was rolled at eighteen months, but he was not interested. Virgil finally turned on when he was at the age of two.

In his first roll he fought against a hard biting "Eli" dog, who hit two bleeders within four minutes. Virgil retaliated by destroying this dog within the next six minutes. In his next roll, Virgil came off the chain to fight against a big strong opponent of "Boomerang" breeding, who was conditioned, and thirty minutes later picked his dog up. Virgil had done considerable damage and was about to put him away. Big Brad contacted Ozzie and set up a match with a friend of his at forty-nine pounds. Ted and Frank used a dog named Harley, who was barnstormed from the start, and was picked up in :28 minutes.

Virgil's second came F. Rocca called to inform Ozzie that Mike So. had a two time winner called Cain that nobody would match. Virgil came in heavy and Mike requested the forfeit, but was later convinced by B. Bryan that if the match was still going on a :45 minutes, Ozzie would concede. Cain was counted out at :38 minutes in a fast paced match, which gained Virgil his second victory.

Next was Grace's Ch. Elmo, who was a litter mate to Gr. Ch. Mickey and Gr. Ch. Trouble. After a debate over the scale, the match started. Elmo hit a bleeder in Virgil's muzzle and another one in his shoulder. By :08 minutes Elmo had Virgil down. Virgil came off the bottom with Elmo's chest in his mouth and pressed Elmo over his head. After a flurry by Virgil, Elmo wouldn't fight back any longer and was picked up in :30 minutes, thus making Virgil a Champion.

His fourth was into Swango and Sears' Ch. Chisohm. By :40 minutes Ch. Chisohm was in bad shape and Swango conceded at :52 minutes.

For his Grand Championship, Virgil went into Phil's Little George who was a two time winner and a deep game dog. Phil conceded this match at :43 minutes, Little George later went on to win his Championship and also become a ROM producer.

In between Ozzie had contacted Brabham and Singleton, who at the time owned another dog that had made a name for himself , Grand Champion Snake, in hopes of hooking these two destroyers into each other. Unfortunately, this match never came to.

Virgil was six years old, when he was sold to Solo, formerly with STP, where he lived until he died at the age of 11. Before his death, Virgil sired Champions Beast, Becky, Bonnie, Brenda, and Jitney.
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