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PostSubject: Re: GAFF   Wed Jul 04, 2007 5:08 am

mindovermatter wrote:
Well Pam Carter
started out in 1980 and was mentored by the great Dick and Nancy Jones
of Tufftown Kennels. She purchased GRCH PR Our Gangs Seiko a pup and
GRCH Tufftown's Sophie (Siekos aunt). These two were eventually bred a
few times and in the second litter a legend was born. CH Devenport's
Coolhand Luke (Top Guns sire) Who was sold to Roger Devenport orginator
of Knolwoods Kennels. Well Richard used Luke as his foundation male
and eventually added in some wizard Gator blood from Benny Cheeks who
started out UKC and is now world renowned for his AKC BENMAR dogs..
Roger was like a darwin effect he evolutionized the apbt of the time
and made them shorter but maintained bone, substance, chest, head and
overall breed type. Well Roger bought a tyrrar bitch (AKC) Trixie and
bred her to Luke(UKC) and produced GRCH Knowlwoods Dusty, Dusty was
then bred to Gator and produced GRCH Knowlwoods Kellsey (TOP GUNS
DAM). Well unfortunately after a few years of great sucess and lots
of Luck Roger left the breed and Luke was offered back to his breeder
Pam Carter. And along the way Pam bought a beautiful 6 month old female
from Roger (Kellsey) who at 6 months old her first time in the ring she
won Best of Breed Handled by Roger who regreted ever selling her
lol. Pam Took Granpa Luke to his Grandaughter Kellsey and Top Gun,
Grace, Dolly, Liston, Lexxus and many other greats were born. And that
is part of the way it all began

"Here is some
information given to me by Pam Carter from Gaff Kennels; Although the
American Staffordshire Terrier gained American Kennel Club registration
and recognition in 1936; few people have studied the AKC registration
history, but I find it very interesting. The official standard for the
American Staffordshire Terrier was written on June 10th 1936. Prior to
1936, all Staffordshire Terriers were UKC registered American Pit Bull
Terriers, if they were registered at all. For a time during the 50's
and early 60's, a UKC registered American Pit Bull Terriers, could be
shown in AKC conformation shows with Staffordshire Terriers and be
awarded Champion status; however those dogs could not be bred into
Staffordshire Terrier bloodlines. On February 18, 1960 the AKC changed
that rule; thus allowing many more American Pit Bull Terriers from
from both Irish and English backgrounds be added into the AKC stud
books. A registered UKC American Pit Bull Terrier, who had one AKC
dog in their first 3 generations and had a 3 point AKC conformation
show win could be bred to a AKC registered Staffordshire Terrier. The
offspring could be registered with the AKC if the owner of the AKC dog
petitioned the AKC not earlier then 60 days nor later then 3 weeks
prior to the contemplated breeding. Both owners had to certify to the
breeding and the resulting litter had to be submitted to the AKC not
later then 60 days from the date of whelping. This rule change only
lasted for 3 years after which the AKC stud books were closed; the
American Pit Bull Terrier was no longer permitted to register with AKC
and thus creating a tight gene pool for the Staffordshire Terrier"

this is from the "Gaff board"


THANK YOU...I was hoping someone would find some GOOD info. on this line.

A diamond is a diamond and a stone is a stone, but man is part good and part bad...

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PostSubject: Re: GAFF   Wed Jul 04, 2007 7:57 am

you are welcome it took a bit to get some but there is some background LOL
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PostSubject: Re: GAFF   Wed Jul 04, 2007 6:02 pm

i have a part gaff female..... she is like RE 7 times in the 7....... on the top line...... but she is only 30 lbs...... bottom is all sorrells........i think the gaff dosnt show up till the 7th gen...... i was looking through the ped at some of the pics of the re dogs....... hard to imagion these dogs are related....... but i know both parents and their owners so i know the peds are correct......
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PostSubject: Re: GAFF   Tue Jul 24, 2007 6:31 am

OK fianlly something i can add to.
I have two Gaff dogs. I have a grandson off of Primetime(with NO HEART DEFECTS) Now I do know the people that had Primetime and Magnum for a while so I'm on the phone trying to get confirmation of that right now. I also am in touch with the current owner of Primetime so I can go that route too.
But yes Gaff dogs have been known to have heart problems. I was told that when I bought O-Ren. From a few very reliable people. It is not a super common thing though
I don't necessarily agree with Gaff being bully until really recently. I have spoken to Pam Carter for a few hrs on the phone. She hooked me up with the people I bough O-Ren from. O-ren is out of the bouncer stuff(not directly gdad on moms side i think) with RE takin a gamble on her top side.
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PostSubject: Re: GAFF   Sat Aug 25, 2007 7:49 pm

here you can see all ancestor of gaff bloodline !!
but i's mainly white rock ,perdue ,sierra and ruffian bloodlines !!




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PostSubject: Re: GAFF   Sun Nov 04, 2007 5:41 pm

I agree that many Gaff are turning more American Bully looking, but they are more of an Amstaff line, and I have seen some beautiful Gaff Amstaff style dogs.
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PostSubject: Re: GAFF   

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