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 Company Unveils Canine Breed Test

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PostSubject: Company Unveils Canine Breed Test   Mon Mar 05, 2007 11:56 pm

I found this today in an article at work, (I work for a vet, or a bunch of them, and am constantly snaggin their mags). Anyhow, this article was in the March Issue of Veterinary Practice News. Pretty, cool too!
A human and animal health life sciences company says its launching one of the first commercial DNA-based diagnostic tests that can genetically detirmine the breed composition of dogs.
MetaMorphix INC. subsidiary MMI Genomics is launching Canine Heritage, a diagnostic test that uses DNA technology to certify up to 38 major breeds. The test requires only a cheek swab sample to be mailed to the company for analysis. The results are then mailed back to the owner in approx 4-6 weeks. Once the $65.00 test is available, owners of mixed-breeds and dogs without breed registration papers could take advantage of the technology to directly detirmine a dogs' pedigree. (Sweet!!!)
The company believes that dog breed analysis will help dog owners and vets address health and behavior issues, as well as satisfying a dog owners curiosity.
A list of the 38 identifiable breeds as well as more info on this product will be made available on their site:

imagine the possiblitites!!! Cool

the info is in the PDF, which i cannot open sometimes, this time as well, so I'm not certain as to which specific breeds are currently listed.

MetaMorphix® introduces Canine Heritage™

anyhow, just thought this was interesting.
The first dna-based diagnostic test to identify canine breeds
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PostSubject: Re: Company Unveils Canine Breed Test   Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:50 am

That's frikken AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll be doing it...
I knew It was just a matter of time, I was thinking about this not too long ago...SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Company Unveils Canine Breed Test
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